Month: June 2016

5 tactics for Customer Retention

Marketers have a strong tendency to invest in new businesses every now and then causing them to neglect the very best of their prospects: their customers. Recently, it was discovered that, an effort put in customer retention results to increase in value of the company. Customer retention is an approach that needs a strategy and […]

Changing Customer Expectations

  What time, as a digital marketer do you think you need to shift strategy? Well as a marketer, you have to keep shifting your perspective in order to make your customer’s journey more engaging. This is because, in a digital age, customers have more control over what they buy and who they get it […]

3 interesting facts why your business should start a blog

  We are living in a digital era and the internet has taken over everything there is. Businesses seem to be embracing the move and any digital marketer who wants to break out will first think of the internet and what it has to offer. Blogging about your business in terms of goods and services […]

4 Powerful digital marketing moves in Kenya

      Digital marketing is a powerful tool that can change the fate of your business in months. For the past decade, digital marketing has slowly been taking over and has revolutionized marketing in general. Your digital marketing strategy needs to make sure that it has these 5 key essential attributes that will help […]